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You might be new to the selling thing. We get it. Here are just a few questions that are frequently asked by our first time sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sell internationally?

Selling internationally greatly increases your chances of getting your item sold as it exposes your listings to more buyers around the world. To become a global player, simply list your item directly on another country’s eBay site. (Tip: When deciding which international site to start with, most first-time sellers list on www.ebay.com as it has the widest buyer reach).

Is it really free to list?

Most of the time, yes! All eBay sellers get 50 free listings every month, and it’s just 30 cents a listing if you go beyond that. You only pay a nominal fee when your stuff sells, which is a small percentage of the final price. Learn more about final value fees.*

I want everyone to see my stuff. How do I do that?

Now you sound like a seller! Helping buyers find your stuff begins with a great listing. Follow these steps and you’ll definitely increase your chances in getting your item sold!

  • Take at least 3 but up to 12 photos then upload them for free – having lots of photos increases your chance of selling. The easiest way is to take photos as you list using our app (for iOS device users, see question below). Be sure to take photos from all angles and be sure to capture any unique details such as scratches or other marks.

  • Write a detailed title – It should include the brand, colour, size and material the item is made of. Any special details like handmade or limited edition should also be included.

  • For your description, imagine there are no photos of the item so describe all the details, like the shape, prints or patterns, and make sure you cover any flaws the item has too. Don’t forget to include keywords like colour and size in this section as well.

I can’t list in the eBay app on my iPhone/iPad. How to do I get around this?

Simply follow these steps to enable the ‘Selling; feature on your iOS device:

Go to My eBay > Settings > Country > disable Auto-Detect and change your Country to United States > then click on the Selling tab to start listing.*

How do I get the best price for my item?

You can decide to go for an auction-style listing or a fixed-price listing, and we'll help you decide the best way to list your stuff. Auction-style listings can be exciting, and you may earn a higher than expected price this way. With a fixed-price listing, you decide how much your stuff is worth. This might help sell it more quickly. Whichever way you decide to sell, we'll help you every step of the way. (Tip: You can actually search eBay’s sold listings to know how much items which are similar to yours have sold for).

How should I ship an item that I've sold?

When you list an item, we'll recommend shipping options based on how other sellers have shipped items similar to yours. As soon as your item has sold, we’ll notify you when you’ve been paid and we'll send you the shipping address of the buyer.

How do I get paid?

Once your item sells on eBay, all payments are safely and securely handled by PayPal for a nominal fee. If you’ve got a Paypal account, great! Just link it to your listing and your buyer will send the money to this account. Be patient, because it may take a little time for your buyer to send payment after purchase. If you don't have one yet, it's easy to set up a PayPal account.

What can I sell on eBay?

Millions of buyers are searching for popular items on eBay. Go here to find out what’s hot on eBay!*

What is an eBay Store and should I subscribe to one?

An eBay Store is your very own shopfront on eBay. For many sellers, an eBay Store subscription can reduce overall fees significantly. eBay Stores is also one of the best ways to establish your brand with a custom Store home page and custom header and logo that appear in your listings.

In evaluating the benefits of an eBay Store, you should consider your listing volume and most frequently used listing format. If you're an existing eBay seller, enter your selling activity into the Fee Illustrator to determine which eBay Stores subscription may best fit your needs.

*For www.ebay.com only

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